Palmer Johnson Yachts

ShowBoats, End of the Status Quo

The world’s biggest all-carbon super yacht.  The Helm Consult is a PJ Super Sport 48’s sculptural helm station.  Modern Edge is an aptly named industrial design company based in Portland,…

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The Wearable Wave of the Future

Modern Edge suggests that the shift is the result of “improved battery chemistries; smaller, lighter, less expensive components; a shared ecosystem with other internet-of-things nodes; improved wireless networking protocols; as…

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Future of Tech, Wearables

All that Matters, Music, Digital, Live Entertainment Conference recently held in Singapore.                                    …

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IDSA’s Board Chair Joins UNITE Panel

ANGELL DISCUSSES DATA X DESIGN X HEALTH Charles Austen Angell, Chair of IDSA’s Board of Directors, and CEO and creative director of Modern Edge, recently served on a panel at the Design Museum…

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Design For All, Women In Design

All the developed and developing nations on our planet will be facing aging populations, longer life spans, and the host of social and economic issues accompanying these realities as the…

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UNITE Data x Design x Health

Design Museum Portland was pleased to host a UNITE at CENTRL Office on Thursday, January 29th. The evening presented a conversation between visionary minds from the medical community as they…

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