Daniel Libeskind Is No Architect

Concerns over licensure and registration have sparked a global debate about who is legally allowed to use the title “architect”. Fast Company discusses the issue, with a comparison to IDSA’s…

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HTI Kenya Project

Uber in London have posted a fantastic write-up on their site of our collaboration with Eastman and HTI on the Hydropack project. Modern Edge spent three weeks in the field…

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Engadget Alt Week

James Trew from Engadget: We get the impression that the team behind the IDSA conference are our kinda people. Why?

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Transforming Products Into Services

Modern Edge’s Austen Angell was asked to write an article for Appliance Design magazine. Here’s a bit of it: Effective medical design accounts not only for an appliance’s dedicated purpose,…

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Presenting At Design for America

Sara Mesing, a Service Design Analyst at Modern Edge, recently presented at the Design for America Summer Leadership Studio. The conference was held at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois.  She had…

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Gestalt: The Study of Object Perception

“It’s all about effective communication. It doesn’t matter what you display, it matters what people understand. Whether the object is a safety label or the interface on an instrument panel…

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IDSA: Design Your Ecosystem

IDSA, 2013 Central District Design Conference No product is an island, especially in this new world of compatibility. A manmade environment typically consists of an assortment of interrelated products working…

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