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Gear up! 2014 IDSA international conference

Explore the six key exchanges essential to Modern Design: Context Community Value Culture Interpersonal Education Amongst all the illustrious speakers in the lineup, we are interested in who you are…

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“Feedback is the thing that can make you or break you as a design leader, creative director, or project manager. It’s the one thing that, if you get it right, will change the trajectory of your career path.”

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PUSH: The future of wearables

The demand for wearable technology will pass the tipping point when the industry goes beyond solving convenience issues and begins to truly address our needs and aspirations using a design thinking approach.

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Engadget Alt Week

James Trew from Engadget: We get the impression that the team behind the IDSA conference are our kinda people. Why?

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Transforming Products Into Services

Modern Edge’s Austen Angell was asked to write an article for Appliance Design magazine. Here’s a bit of it: Effective medical design accounts not only for an appliance’s dedicated purpose,…

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Presenting At Design for America

Sara Mesing, a Service Design Analyst at Modern Edge, recently presented at the Design for America Summer Leadership Studio. The conference was held at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois.  She had…

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Gestalt: The Study of Object Perception

“It’s all about effective communication. It doesn’t matter what you display, it matters what people understand. Whether the object is a safety label or the interface on an instrument panel…

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