When it comes to coffee aficionados, Portlanders are among the most discriminating. We each have our favorite bean, roast, grind, and method of brewing; but we are united by a commitment to quality and an excellent cup of coffee.  For the coffee connoisseur who savors the rich, deep and smooth experience of French press coffee, Modern Edge has developed an updated press with everyday convenience and Portland flair.

French press users are all familiar with the time-honored ritual of the press: the careful measurement of coarse-ground coffee into the delicate glass carafe, the boiling of water to the proper temperature, observance of the correct steep time, and finally depression of the plunger and enjoyment of the invigorating brew. Modern Edge sought to make this experience accessible even during those rushed mornings before work, while maintaining the quality of the final product and improving usability.


The end result is a coffee press that adapts to its conditions as easily as we adapt to the ever-changing Northwest weather. When time is plentiful, boil the water as you normally would, and pour over the coffee grounds; for rushed occasions, the glass carafe can be microwaved to heat the water; a detachable stainless steel handle fits over the top of the carafe and locks around the raised edge, allowing you to retrieve it without burning your fingers after the water is heated.


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