The Opioid Crisis is an epidemic that effects every one. Each day more then 175 Americans die after over dosing on opioids.  A serious national crisis that that severely impacts public health, as well as social and economic welfare.

The Narcan nasal spray can treat overdose in an emergency situation. The intranasal device is the only FDA approved Naloxone delivery system, and it combats accidental overdose.


The packaging platform for Curadite leverages the latest developments in wireless communication and embraces one of the fastest growing areas of technology—the Internet of Things (IoT).

The Curadite tray system, or Curapac, can support a regimen of a Schedule I prescription as well as carry supporting treatments like Narcan.  The tray system is versatile and leaves room for other design improvements as well as any other support material for varying drug requirements.

A specific layer within the system developed by Modern Edge allows for the tray to be as small as possible and still maintain the sophistication needed to ensure prescription adherence.

Curadite is a system to improve adherence, lower medical costs, and ultimately save lives.