Stave 28


The beauty of autumn leaves, the passion of a single kiss – these events are vivid and fleeting, engrained in the moment and yet etched in our memories. 

This notion of the evanescent experience inspired Michael Weyna to found Stave 28, a winery with a unique grasp of the seasonality and nuances that characterize each varietal.  Weyna notes: “The ephemeral quality of harvest is something to discover and experience. It’s never the same, and the wine is not supposed to be either.”

When Modern Edge set out to update the packaging of Stave 28’s wines, we knew that we needed to capture the ethos of Stave 28 – its emphasis on quality and enjoyment in the moment – in order to reach an innovative solution that still allowed the wine to “…tell the story of each harvest.”   The theme of transience immediately suggested an emphasis on sustainability – the new packaging should either be compostable or highly reusable – while the unique aroma and bouquet of each seasonal wine demanded a better sealing cap, allowing the wine to be savored over a period of time rather than consumed at a single occasion.  The new Stave 28 packaging supplements the ceremony of opening the wine bottle: prior to pouring, one must untie a single strand of twine, releasing the pressed paper pulp sleeve to reveal a sleek metal bottle nestled inside. For improved storage, a swing-top lid seals the bottle mouth with a BPA-free plastic gasket, ensuring a tight seal.  Finally, the artwork printed on the pulp sleeve is also printed around the metal bottle itself – a nod to the transience of Stave 28’s harvest, and to the enduring memories that follow each sip of their wines.

Stave 28

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