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4 Questions with Danny Johnson, Feature Film Actor, Television Actor and Thespian (part 2)

A quality consumer experience is driven by the development of a compelling story that defines a brand; this is integral to the work we do at Modern Edge. In our second series of 4 Questions in the category of  film, television, video and theater, we discuss a range of topics from character development to story telling and production. In this series we talked to Danny Johnson, Actor in Feature Film and Television. Danny gives us a unique perspective from someone who has spent his life sharing stories on Broadway, in film and on TV. We’re happy to present this interview in 4 parts that will be posted weekly to our blog.

Modern Edge: Good design is about authentically connecting with consumers. Design professionals use various anthropological research methods to understand consumer’s needs and behaviors. What techniques do actors use to gain insight into a character for an upcoming role?

Danny Johnson: Observation is key for me. I look at people all the time. I watch their actions, mannerism, movements… as much as I can. I listen to them talk. One learns a lot about human behavior by watching. I also read a lot and think about what I learn. But actors cannot spend too much time thinking. Acting is action. One can’t just feel “things,” they have to represent the experience of “things”. Even in subtle moments, the actor needs to show an audience.

Check back next Monday for part 3 of our interview with Danny Johnson. For more on Danny Johnson, visit imdb.