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Revolutionizing Business Innovation: Charles Austen Angell Unveils AI Strategies at AIM Congress 2024

Abu Dhabi AIM Congress Date: May 7th Location: Room 4 Hall 4, ADNEC – Abu Dhabi Austen Angell, the pioneering force behind Modern Edge and EPIRA.AI, is gearing up to take the stage on May 7th at the ADNEC in Abu Dhabi, alongside an illustrious panel of industry leaders. The discussion will center on “Empowering Global Economy through IoT, Digitalization, and AI Systems: The Role of Data-Driven Decision-Making,” a topic at the forefront of tomorrow’s technological evolution. As CEO and Founder of both Modern Edge Inc. and EPIRA.AI – Artificial Intelligence Solutions, Angell’s expertise in AI-driven technologies is expected to be unmatched. He will emphasize the significance of responsible data usage and ethical AI practices in driving innovation while safeguarding societal well-being. Joined by luminaries such as Catalina Valentino, Martin Yates, Lilly Lau, Glen Gilmore, Stephanie Bretonniere, and Steve Nouri, Angell’s insights are anticipated to resonate profoundly. Attendees will be inspired by his vision for a future where AI empowers decision-making while upholding ethical standards. In a world increasingly reliant on data and AI, Angell’s leadership is poised to serve as a beacon, guiding organizations towards responsible innovation. His presence at the panel is set to reaffirm his status as a thought leader, leaving an indelible mark on the discourse surrounding AI and its impact on the global economy.