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Voting begins today for World Design Organization (WDO) board of directors

Austen Angell, Modern Edge founder

I am Charles Austen Angell, I am a nominee for a position on the World Design Organization (WDO) board, and I respectfully seek your vote.

Having had the privilege of observing the profound global influence of WDO, I have actively engaged in its endeavors. I’ve had the honor of representing the United States as Past Chair and IDSA Trustee at ICISD events and contributing to an ICSID conference planning committee. WDO is currently at a critical juncture, and visionary leaders such as David, Srini, and the Senate and Secretariat have laid a solid foundation with transformative initiatives, positioning design as a catalyst for positive change.

To propel this forward, we must accentuate organizational excellence, foster inclusive membership growth, and establish meaningful metrics. Achieving excellence involves embracing AI and exemplifying ethical applications of this technology. Expansion necessitates strategic approaches that engage diverse global communities. Regarding metrics, it’s essential to equip leaders with the tools to showcase successful strategies.

With over 40 years of dedicated design expertise under my belt, including roles as CEO of Modern Edge Inc. and global design director for a Fortune 100 company, as well as my extensive involvement with IDSA‘s Board, as Chair of the organization, chairing design conferences, and contributing to ICSID events, I am committed to contributing my experience. Additionally, my affiliations with IDSA’s Academy of Fellows, and the Design Museum Everywhere’s Executive Board, as a founding trustee of the Design Foundation, have enriched my perspective on creating an effective board.

As designers, innovation is vital. However, as leaders, it’s imperative to build on the legacy of our predecessors and harness their momentum to significantly impact lives worldwide. In collaboration with Thomas Garvey and the new board, my goal is to build upon the remarkable achievements of recent years and drive WDO’s growth and influence to even greater heights. Let’s join forces and leave an enduring design legacy on the world.

You can visit Charles Austen Angell’s board nominee page here, and the rest of WDO’s board members here.

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