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4 Questions with Doug Pray, Director of Art & Copy (part 2)

This is the second question in our series of 4 Questions. Filmmaker Doug Pray, Director of such films as Scratch, Hype! and Surfwise talks to Rebecca Micciche of Modern Edge about his newest documentary Art & Copy and gives us a hint about his upcoming projects. In a unique look at the people behind the scenes, Art & Copy introduces the audience to the visionaries who have created some of the most influential ad campaigns of our time. Creating a successful dialog between brands and consumers is fundamental to the creative process at Modern Edge and we’re happy to present this interview in 4 parts that will be posted weekly to our blog.

Modern Edge: You’re quoted as saying how much you get “psyched” hearing that people are inspired by this film. What have you taken away from creating this film and how will it inspire your future work on commercial projects?

Doug Pray, director of ART & COPY. Credit: Michael Nadeau
Doug Pray, director of ART & COPY. Credit: Michael Nadeau

Doug Pray: I’ve learned a lot from making this film. In terms of my work as a part-time commercial director, just meeting and interviewing these advertising legends has given me more respect of the agency’s challenges. When Hal Riney says that so few creative people are “given the chance” to do good work (by clients and committees and market research and all of the forces which can stifle creative freedom), I understand. To clarify my “psyched” comment: I am thrilled when anyone, whether they are an architect or business manager or musician is inspired by the film’s message. As for the advertising industry itself, I simply hope that the film has the slight effect of improving the quality of work in general. So much advertising is limited and bad, and the form is so mistrusted by so many people, that I’ve begun introducing the film with this thought: “if you hate advertising… make better ads.” The movie isn’t for everyone, but for myself and I know for the people who appear in the film itself, we’re all kind of hoping for a second creative revolution of sorts.

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