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Austen Angell to speak and judge at the STIDA Competition in Chengdu, China November 25th:

Modern Edge CEO Austen Angell is invited to judge and speak at STIDA, Sichuan-Taiwan Industrial Design Awards Competition, in Chengdu China. The STIDA competition started in 2010 when Liu Qibao, member of the political bureau of the Central Community, created a delegation with Taiwan. Six cooperation agreements were signed between Sichuan-Taiwan, one being STIDA, an industrial design competition. Today, the competition is world renowned, inviting Austen and other evaluation experts to evaluate eighteen submitted categories of industrial design.

The Evaluation experts include Hagen Fendler Chief Designer of ZTE, Michael Held Chief Designer of Steel Case, David Waterman Chief Designer of AT&T/VTECH Hong Kong, Johan Persson Chief of Swedish C-Monde Design Firm, and Massimo Farinatti Design Committee Chairman of Association of Industrial Design in Italy and Chief of Farinatti Design Firm.

November 26th concludes the end of the final assessment on competitor’s designs. The evaluation experts will give 20 minute speeches on the following subjects: Massimo Farinatti, “Italian Design Hands in with China on Creating New Business”, “New Business Usually found in Market/User Research”, Michael Held “The Growth Dilemma”, Hagan Fendler “New Business at TZE Design Firm” and Austen Angell “New Business Led by Design to Grow in the Market”.

November 27th the STIDA competition winning award ceremony will commence, followed by speeches from Johan Persson, David Waterman, and Vincent Linhardt.