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Austen Angell to speak at IDSA Chicago Housewares Blender

IDSA Chicago is hosting this year’s premier event following the Housewares Show.

Innovation for Disaster Relief:  Charles Austen Angell of Modern Edge and Gaylon White of Eastman Chemical will present the results of their successful design collaboration with HTI in creating the Hydropack system which provides accessible hydration to disaster victims. Additionally, they will share their experiences while in Kenya working on the  Kenya Water Research Pilot to prove out the technology and usage system.

After several smaller scale pilots in Haiti, and New Orleans and donations to Chile during the 2010 earthquake, HTI joined forces with KWAHO, the Red Cross, Unicef and the Kenyan government, conducted a full scale two week pilot in the Budlangi region of Western Kenya. Two weeks of intense daily research and monitoring revealed surprising and exciting results.

From IDSA Chicago