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Core77 Case Study: HydroPack, Hydration for a World In Need



Natural disasters can happen anywhere with little or no warning. When they do, they threaten community water sources and jeopardize public health by destroying vital pipelines or existing sanitation systems allowing the introduction of contaminants into the drinking water supply.  One of the most immediate concerns post-disaster is providing a supply of clean, safe hydration to survivors to help prevent the occurrence and spread of waterborne diseases.

“Water is one of the first things that a victim of a natural disaster has to have to survive,” says Nathan Jones, vice president of government and institutional sales at HTI. Many of the deaths that occur from natural disasters don’t happen because of the disaster itself, but what happens later—the waterborne disease that sweeps through the population. “The [Modern Edge] team did an incredible amount of work” explains Jones.




By:  Farrell Calabrese, With additional editorial support from Nathan Jones, Keith Lampi, Gaylon White, Jos de Wit