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CCPIT: China International Creative Design Week

China Council for the Promotion of International Trade

This event was created to promote the exchange and cooperation between Chinese manufacturers and international designers.


Charles Austen Angell is President and CEO of Modern Edge Design, based in Portland Oregon. Modern Edge is a strategic industrial design firm with an emphasis in health and wellness, home and mobility, and active lifestyle products. Mr. Angell’s work in under-served healthcare markets and sustainable design has taken him around the world, including projects in Vietnam, Kenya, Ecuador, and China.Mr. Angell is also the Chair-Elect of the Industrial Designers Society of America. As its incoming leader, he will lead the board in setting the direction and strategy of the organization for the next two years and beyond.

The Future of Choice.

Markets, by their nature, are about choices, and a sustainable future is one of those choices. Business leaders often feel as though they are not in control of market demands, but this is because they have not embraced the simple truth that consumer choices are driven by emotion. Understand the emotions of the consumer, and you understand the market. To truly understand sustainability we need to explore how these choices are made by consumers in relation to products, business and society.

Qingdao on Nov 11-13 and Beijing on Nov 14-16