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Computer Human Interaction Forum of Oregon


July 11, 2012 Modern Edge attended a CHIFOO (Computer Human Interaction Forum of Oregon) event hosted by ISITE, in the Pearl District.

The Executive Creative Director of WebMD Health Services, John Weiss spoke at the event and presented, “The Creation of Behavior Change Systems for Healthy Living” by exploring three essential areas 1. Theory 2. Strategy 3. Tactical.

Each area that he focused on had input from a variety of well known sources.  Simon Sinek, Golden Circle (Why, How, What) How Great Leaders Inspire Action:  Bj Fogg, Standford University, Motivational Behavior Model:  Daniel Pink, Author of Drive:  Stephen Anderson, Mental Notes:  Roger Martin, Author of Design of Business, Why Design Thinking Is the Next Competitive Advantage.

John’s perspective reads as a seasoned interactive and experience designer.  Using online information to make changes easier is such an accessible concept.  If you want to dip your toe in or immerse yourself in content, you have the tools at your fingertips.  With the online communities that are available based on your interests, you have the ability to set yourself up for success.  Talks like this are always inspiring, you always walk away with something new, and insight into something you can look farther into.


How you connect, how you engage your mind, how you connect to others.  It’s all relevant, and in the bigger picture helps you live healthier lives.