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Creativity + Artificial Intelligence talk at Georgia Tech

March 30th at 3:00 pm Charles Austen Angell, CEO and Founder of Modern Edge, is giving the keynote talk at the Georgia Tech southern design summit at the College of Design, 245 4th Street Northwest, Atlanta, GA 30332.

My talk, Creativity and Artificial Intelligence, will cover the impact of AI on Design, and the potential impact of design on AI.

If you’re in the area then please join Austen, along with Eddy Licitra of McKinsey, Veronica Young of Delta, Rachel Minnicks of Home Depot, Heather Shankwiler, Michelle Berryman, Devin Moore, Andy Vitale, Russel Kroll, Ann-Elise Chung, Emad Khan, and many others. It is gonna be a lot of fun – and a very engaging day.