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Design for All, Universal Design

Founder, Chairman and Chief Editor of Design For All Institute of India, Dr. Sunil Kumar Bhatia recently invited Stephanie Battista, Senior Design Program Manager of Wearables at Modern Edge to be the Guest Editor for a special issue on Universal Design.

This article will feature five influential women, experts in the field of design and innovation. Collaboratively, they will write this article on designing products and spaces that can be used by the widest range of people possible. Stay tuned for this special issue coming in 2015, our fifth special issue in conjunction with IDSA.

Thank you in advance to:

ASHWINI ASOKAN, Mad Streets Labs

PRIYA KHANCHANDANI, Victoria and Albert Museum


PATRICIA A MOORE, PhD, MooreDesign Associates


For more information on Designing for All, please visit the following link.