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Great ready for fun on the web…

Porkbun! Oink!

Top Level Design, and their sister company Porkbun provide a suite of services and products (.design, .wiki, and .ink) developed by internet thought leader Ray King – one of the nicest guys in the domain business – and his amazing team in Portland, Oregon.

This past year Modern Edge worked with Top Level Design and Porkbun to better define their customer journey and find ways of improving the experience, and they just keep getting better!

To celebrate the inaugural Southern Design Summit, Top Level Design/Porkbun has teamed up with Modern Edge to give a free domain name and the first year of registration to every single person attending the conference.

WAIT!? WHAT!??! That sounds amazing….

Well okay, yeah, but what is a registrar?

“A domain name registrar is a company that manages the reservation of Internet domain names. A domain name registrar must be accredited by a generic top-level domain registry or a country code top-level domain registry. A registrar operates in accordance with the guidelines of the designated domain name registries. ” – wikipedia

One of the key insights from our collaboration? Keep the service simple, clean, and fun. Identify and streamline the processes that allows users to maintain and grow their businesses. Understand and empathize with the creative community and what they are trying to do online. Identify key subprocesses and make them awesome. Then provide value, consistency, and excellent service. OINK!!

Innovating on the Consumer Journey

Top Level Design has transformed one of the drabbest technical aspects of the web into a fun and rewarding interaction. We’re constantly amazed by the energy and commitment to the creative community demonstrated by Ray and his team.

Austen and Ray in Portland, Oregon

To receive your domain name just click on this link: