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Don't Pass The Salt?

After a series of comprehensive health-related initiatives on issues such as smoking, trans fats and the disclosure of fast-food calorie content, the New York City Health Department has its sights on a new enemy: salt. On Monday, New York City announced a new campaign targeted at packaged foods and mass-produced restaurant meals to reduce the amount of sodium that we consume.

“We’ve created a whole society of people accustomed to food that is really, really salty. We have to undo that,” Dr. Sonia Angell, director of cardiovascular health for the city, told the New York Times. “The majority of us consume too much salt, which increases blood pressure and puts us at risk for heart attack and stroke.”

Men and women in America consume 48 to 69 percent more salt today than they did in the 1970’s. Nearly 80% of the salt consumed by Americans comes already mixed into packaged and restaurant foods.

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