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Future of Tech, Wearables


All that Matters, Music, Digital, Live Entertainment Conference recently held in Singapore.                                         Hugh Forrester, Director of SXSW interviewed Stephanie Battista from Modern Edge, Senior Strategist Wearables.

The interview covered the “Future of Tech, and how wearables will change the way we consume content.” Handheld devices i.e. smart phones and apps have been a game changer for content consumption on mobile lifestyles, communication, current events, and social interaction. Keep in mind these handheld devices have been at the forefront of most our daily interactions.  Wearables on the other hand, will change the intricacies of how we consume and absorb content by stimulating our senses and eliminating the dependency of a handheld device to stay connected. Stephanie Battista is convinced that wearables will play a much larger role in our daily lives when it comes to staying connected emotionally, mentally, and physically.  Just imagine how different the landscape of content immersion will play out as we absorb, share, and record our daily lives using the senses.

Other notable keynote speakers: Twitter, You Tube, Skype, Vice, Hoot Suite, We Are Social, WME Music, Global Media Innovations, Universal Group, International, MTV, Maker Studios, Viral Fever, Daily Motion, Spotify, Google, TicketFlap, Lenovo, Samsung and many others.