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IDSA's New website is Live! has been re-launched with a more streamlined, design-centric presentation. Along with the new look and content, the website will have a host of new advertising features. I’m reaching out to you today to share those features and help you develop your marketing plan. Check out our new and upgraded advertising options and contact me today to secure your online branding.
IDSA holds a unique place in the design community. In a free-market society, design thrives because consumers have choice – and choice drives innovation and excellence. However, there has to be an independent forum for practitioners to discuss and improve their craft while resolving the pressing issues in their field. This is the basis of an association in the United States and it is this simple notion that is rooted in the first amendment of our constitution and our right to free assembly. As such, the law dictates that our association elects, from the membership of designers across the globe, a Chair and a Board who will accept fiduciary duty and responsibility for the long-term strategic direction of the society. IDSA is not a private awards company, media company, or even a for-profit conferences and events company. It is simply you. Even the largest single sponsor to IDSA makes up only a tiniest fraction of the operating budget. The society is truly a not-for-profit association of designers, built by designers, for designers. We are dedicated to promoting the practice, awareness, and value of good design in business and in society.