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Is Threadcasting the future of wearable tech?

Get ready for Threadcasting, a new model for wearables that’s poised to take mobile computing connections off your wrist and out of your pockets and weave them into the fabric of your clothing.

Earlier this week, I spoke to the folks at Modern Edge, a design and development firm in Portland that designs products and services for connected technology, active lifestyles and health care.

In conjunction with Oregon State University, Modern Edge released a research paper on “Threadcasting,” a trend that Modern Edge believes will take wearable technology beyond connected eyeglasses and fitness devices to apparel-based technologies that interplay seamlessly with the realm of social media and wireless communication.

Portland as a hub for threadcasting development

If wearable tech has been around for decades, why is threadcasting only today coming to the fore?

Charles Austen Angell, CEO and creative director at Modern Edge, said it’s the confluence of a number of independent developments. First, is the power and miniaturization of multiple technologies. Plus, there is a greater social acceptance of pervasive computing. “We’ve all got used to carrying around smartphones so the benefit of being connected 24/7 to a computing device is no longer a foreign idea.”

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