When Palmer Johnson committed to an entirely new design for the SuperSport series, it meant “leaving the status quo behind. Taking bold decisions to redefine the future of yachting. The SuperSport Yacht is a fusion of extremes. A masterful and intuitive blend of design, technology and performance.” Working with Palmer Johnson, Nuvolari-Lenard created a masterful design for the overall yacht. For such a huge design, development and build program, Palmer Johnson sought help for select elements of the yacht’s command and control centers.

Just as essential as any functional consideration was the visual design of the console: this key element needed to integrate seamlessly with the revolutionary design of the yacht exterior.

Modern Edge worked with input from Palmer Johnson and Nuvolari-Lenard to create a fluid and inspired design experience.

The Modern Edge design team was tasked with the challenge of developing and designing the upper control area with the secondary navigation console.

The considerations included the overall housing design and functional build, the integration of multiple Praxis control panels, accommodation for access and maintenance, and the optimization of control pod ergonomics for both sitting and standing positions.

A further element of the program was to design for efficient manufacturing. With a large structure such as the control console, Modern Edge needed to account for structural integrity, the integration of high-end electronic components, and premium fit and finish.

Modern Edge also developed a unique geometric strategy for eliminating the need for two additional molds for the housing, substantially reducing production costs.