Oregon State University was conducting an obesity research pilot study for the FDA consisting of 3 distinct efforts: Data collection, Interface, and Wearable device. OSU’s VLSI group first pursued technology for a wrist-worn sensor system for obesity research. Researchers at OSU had developed an electronic circuit board assembly in an appropriate form-factor to be embedded in a wrist-worn device.

To pursue an appropriate design solution, OSU Partnered with Modern Edge to incorporate and modify-  the hardware in a way that created a user friendly solution and associated user interaction of the device and satisfy the needs of the FDA study.

The goals were to create a wearable hardware/software ecosystem that incorporated three critical aspects:

1) Simplicity, ease of use, selfless data input;

2) Tracking, motivating, entertaining, encouraging;

3) Supportive, community-oriented.

Modern Edge reviewed existing specification fragments with OSU research/engineering teams and main stakeholders and crafted a comprehensive specification document for the wrist-worn device. Modern Edge created alignment on opportunities, constraints, and goals regarding consumer use, basic functionality, minimum user interface, power requirement, power supply and storage, environmental parameters, regulatory requirements, and price points to be met by a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) as a baseline for a more crafted experience.

As the target users were school children, it was critical that the wearable consisted of an interactive and appealing form factor and interaction, to increase usage and participation.

Based on the ID-relevant specification and on the synthesis of all previously considered layouts, Modern Edge created multiple design approaches for review, input and selection of final direction. The final Concept Development and Preliminary Systems Design was based on the existing VLSI Electronic Assembly. Appropriate materials, color schemes, and manufacturing technologies were selected for skin compatibility, aesthetically pleasing appearance, and cost effectiveness.