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Portland Artificial Intelligence + Robotics

On Tuesday night Modern Edge hosted the first monthly meeting of the Portland Artificial Intelligence and Robotics group. This group was recently founded by Steve Taylor, the author of Get To Know Robotics, a book aimed at introducing readers to the industry and possible future trends in robotics. There was a great turnout for his talk and discussion afterward.

Thanks to everyone who came out! If you missed it (or loved it and can’t wait for another opportunity), Modern Edge is hosting the next meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 10th. This meeting will include an introduction to the FIRST organization, which is dedicated to inspiring young people to be science and technology leaders, and to ZENO, the new “social” robot from Robokind. Check the signup page on Meetup for more details.

A BIG thank you to Steve Taylor for spearheading the effort and sharing his knowledge with the group.