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PUSH: The future of wearables

Stephanie Battista was asked to speak at IDSA’s southern conference on the subject of wearable technology.

As human beings, what do we really need from wearable technology? What do we want and what do we expect? How will wearable technology help with our global issues regarding education, health care and hunger? The demand for wearable technology will pass the tipping point when the industry goes beyond solving convenience issues and begins to truly address our needs and aspirations using a design thinking approach. Wearable technology can be the catalyst for a new way of mobilizing services and goods. These emerging markets are going to provide pull for a wearable tech market that, up until now, would best be described as push. Product design must go hand-in-hand with service design in providing solutions. We are seeing global trends and merging ecosystems of stakeholders that set the stage for these opportunities, but are the wearable tech developers ready for the shift?

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