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Universal Design, Design For All Institute of India

A Special Issue on Women in Design, Speaking About Universal Design

“The subject of Universal Design, which can be understood as design with an emphasis on accessibility and usability for all people, has begun to garner increased attention in recent years, and only now in the 21st century making greater inroads in the area of product design. While the roots of this movement go back to the 60s, the question of how far we’ve come and how much further we have yet to go remain subjective and open-ended. It does seem clear that on the architectural front over the past fifty years, much greater strides have been made in contrast to the area of product design, due in large part because of the laws and regulations have been enacted (usually on a national level) that established baselines which had to be adhered to. “

From the Guest Editor, Stephanie Battista

“As a designer the one consistent ingredient I have found to be true is that people of all abilities are unique, regardless of their age, ability, gender, or social status in life and to have the opportunity to DESIGN FOR ALL is such a pleasure.”

A Special Thank You to the forward leaning designers and contributors of this article for all of their efforts within Universal Design.

Contributors of this article:   [STEPHANIE BATTISTA, Guest Editor, Senior Design Program Manager Wearables, Modern Edge] [ASHWINI ASOKAN, Founder Mad Street Labs] [PRIYA KHANCHANDANI, Development Manager, The Victoria and Albert Museum] [YVONNE LIN, Co-Founder, 4B] [PATRICIA A. MOORE, PHD, President, MooreDesign Associates LLC] [RIE NORREGAARD, Creative Director, Tres and Co-Founder, OMHU]

Thank you to DR. SUNIL KUMAR BHATIA, PHD, Chief Editor of Design for All Institute of India for this Special Issue on Women in Design.

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