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Wearable 3.0

Charles Austen Angell, Founder and CEO, Modern Edge will be giving a talk on “Wearable 3.0”


Abstract: Wearable technologies were originally envisioned as embedded electronics in consumer apparel, but instead developed into standalone accessories for health and fitness tracking, communication, and productivity. This talk argues that wearables are going back into apparel at significant consumer scale. Catalysts for the shift include improved battery chemistries, small, cheap components, and improved wireless networking protocols, as well as strategic consumer use cases driven by the apparel industry. Apparel integrated wearables will be invisible to the user and designed into garments so that their function and experience is in line with the aesthetics and consumer experience focus from clothing makers. Some examples will be discussed including use cases that enable or enhance positive social communication among adolescents.

Please join us November 18th, 2014, 6-8pm Textronix Building 38. See link below for more details.

Co-sponsored by IEEE Communication Society