Curadite’s sensor-enabled packaging platform utilizes the latest technology in communication hardware embracing wireless connectivity and seamless delivery while ensuring full compliance.

With the goal to develop and deploy an inexpensive, flexible, safe and easy-to-use system for helping patients better manage their medication regimens. The first instantiation of the system was for Hep-C trials usage. Hep-C drug regime require that the pills be taken within a very specific window to be effective, and this system facilitates just that.

Cura-communicator- packs

The communicator knows when a dose has been taken, when the next dose needs to be taken, and can notify the patient when that is. If the patient has missed certain timeline check points, the curadite device has a 3 tiered escalation that will contact the patient to notify them and ensure their compliance.

Through the process of design integration and engineering expertise Modern Edge developed the tray system for this drug regimen, designed the communicator device, as well as aided in the UX/UI creation.

Curadite is a unique system to improve adherence, lower medical costs, and ultimately save lives.