The team of innovators at Sonivate Medical sought to distance themselves from the trend of increasingly dehumanized medical technologies and processes. Sonivate Medical blazed an opposing path by recognizing that patient outcomes are improved by putting control back into the hands of the doctor. Using their unique insight, the Sonivate team developed a groundbreaking micro array for a wearable ultrasound probe. The result is the Sonivate Sonic Eye: leveraging innate human hand-eye coordination providing both fine-motor positional control and intuitive spatial awareness of fingertip location with tactile feedback.

Modern Edge was entrusted with refining the aesthetic treatment and creating ergonomic solutions in the desired form factor.  Additionally, Modern Edge examined and codified the workflow in the field of operation and determined the new sterile flow procedures which were required. By identifying specific key usage models, the team at Modern Edge was able to define common inflection points for maintaining sterility for potential procedure variation.

Dedicated collaboration of engineers and designers from Sonivate and Modern Edge resulted in minimizing interference with doctor-patient interaction during procedures such as biopsies and other intraoperative use cases. Doctors greatly benefit from increased dexterity and the ability to finesse placement of implants such as medicated stents.

The resulting device, enhanced with the unique insights and technology advancement by the founders of Sonivate, allows for even greater ease-of-use by medical practitioners with reduced errors and increased safety from needle sticks.