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Why I Fired Steve Jobs

“As Apple’s CEO introduces his new iPhone today, and its market cap passes Microsoft’s, the man who infamously fired him, John Sculley, tells The Daily Beast’s Thomas E. Weber about…

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Apple vs Google!

After last years conflict over putting Google voice in the Itunes store the skirmishes between the two technology companies has intensified. The worst consumer outcome would be the breakout of…

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China Fights Back on Open Internet Policy

“A new information curtain is descending across much of the world,” said Clinton, calling growing Internet curbs the present-day equivalent of the Berlin Wall, contravening international commitments to free expression….

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Haiti Relief Organizations

An earthquake centered near the impoverished Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince caused the collapse of many buildings and an unknown number of fatalities Tuesday. About 3 million people — one-third of…

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Don’t Pass The Salt?

After a series of comprehensive health-related initiatives on issues such as smoking, trans fats and the disclosure of fast-food calorie content, the New York City Health Department has its sights…

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Sustainable Manufacturing

This article from Plastics Today discusses recycling efforts made by manufacturers. “Sustainability has various connotations, so how do we understand what it means to be a “sustainable” manufacturer? What’s the…

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