Curadite’s sensor-enabled packaging platform utilizes the latest technology in communication hardware embracing wireless connectivity and seamless delivery while ensuring full compliance.

With the goal to develop and deploy an inexpensive, flexible, safe and easy-to-use system for helping patients better manage their medication regimens. The first instantiation of the system was for Hep-C trials usage. Hep-C drug regime require that the pills be taken within a very specific window to be effective, and this system facilitates just that.

Prescription Drug statistics

$259 Billion spent on prescription drugs in the U.S. (2010)

25%-50% of patients do not comply with prescription recommendations (depending on age & disease)

$100-$300 Billion spent on avoidable health care cost attributed to non-adherence (3-10% of total U.S. health care costs)

3.8 Billion prescriptions written every year,  yet 50% are taken incorrectly or not at all

In a 2014 Survey of 1000 patients, nearly 75% admitted to not taking their medications as directed.

The findings helped identify where the clusters are in need of attention to help focus efforts. The team developed experience maps and workflow scenarios to understand the context of the pain points, latent needs, and opportunities for vastly improving the patient experience.

Ultimately the team identified 14 areas for redesign and reinvention. Waiting room experience, Way-finding and Checkin process were just three of the service areas slated for redesign. As the stunning new facility became a reality, Providence moved forward with confidence that the patient experience would match the beauty of the facility, and the quality of the services.

Curadite is a unique system to improve adherence, lower medical costs, and ultimately save lives.