Creating dynamic personal space is about manipulating light and form in ways that are both exciting and yet familiar. The innovative utilization of materials in this concept suggests far away locations and new experiences, while simple, comfortable forms invite the user to relax. This series of concepts for a high-end yacht company explores a range of style innovations including the use of modular panels to reduce the cost of execution.

Adding to the room’s ambiance is the elegant furniture which is structurally comprised of multi-ply and finished in a grey stained oak veneer with metallic particle semi-gloss clearcoat. The cabinet doors are equipped with a new generation ‘push-catch mechanism’.

Elements within the seating area seemingly defy gravity. The use of reflective finishes like polished metals on the cabinet and table base create a floating quality that releases the space and it’s elements from a conventional aesthetic, a fixed and secured visual hierarchy, to one of suspension and weightlessness. Rich detailing like the accent wall located to the left and right of the bridge entrance doors are covered in pleated fine Bridge of Weir leather, which is at home in fine automobiles like Aston Martin and Rolls Royce, and finished with nickel plated buttons with the Palmer Johnson double-flag logo.

A luxury yacht salon as inviting as a summer morning in Tuscany. Imagine the scent of fresh sea air coupled with visually rich warm tones, tactile materials, and an innovative metallic embellishment added to the refined hardwood surfaces of the furniture, floors, and cabinetry.