Providence Health & Services in Oregon is a not-for-profit network of hospitals, that continues a tradition of caring the Sisters of Providence began nearly 160 years ago. Providence Neurology West set out to conduct a user experience evaluation during their clinic development and build-out. They brought in Modern Edge as part of a 10 month experience design effort.

Members from across the organization were deeply involved in the design process, so that a wide variety of perspectives on the patient experience could be heard. Physicians participated alongside, PA, MA, and Administrators all with an equal voice in exploring how to understand their patients and best interpret patient feedback. This included developing patient personas, creating a patient journey map and conducting a SWOT analysis. Patient personas are hypothetical archetypes of real patients and are used as an empathy tool; Thinking through changes as if you are a patient will help to minimize potential problems before they occur.

An in-depth analysis of the work flow and process behind stent placement procedures provides insight into the user requirements. Each step is accounted for, beginning with the decision that a procedure is needed and ending when the patient is discharged from the hospital.

Using the workflow analysis, features and details of the device are designed to accommodate the user’s needs. By creating mock-ups and prototypes early in the design process, ergonomics can be tested and verified.