The FDA-approved device allows clinicians to use one finger to image, leaving both hands free to simultaneously perform procedures, such as taking biopsies, inserting catheters and other needle-guided work. “It’s intuitive and easy to learn,” Hatlan said. “That’s why the Army has been very interested in carrying this forward.” The current focus is to optimize performance in the eFAST exam.

The eFAST exam is the standard of care for trauma (extended Focused Assessment Sonography for Trauma) but encounters several limitations on the battlefield due to the size, weight, simplicity of traditional ultrasound systems.

The assessment typically uses two frequencies:

  • A low frequency to assess internal bleeding in the abdomen and pericardium
  • A high frequency to detect pneumothorax and use for other applications such as line placements and MSK and ocular examinations

Modern Edge has developed a unique single hand mobile interface for the Sonivate Sonicare system through extensive testing and user research at medical centers, hospitals and military installations.

The Requirements

Lightweight, durable and portable
Have both a low and high-frequency transducer
Simple to use Graphical User Interface – not confusing for the novice or infrequent user
Integrate (downloaded App) into existing medic phones or table

User insights from this intense research program led to game-changing features including a fully supported use mode for less experienced medical technicians, and special features for night-time and battlefield use.

The interface was developed in conjunction with a larger Modern Edge program to design and develop the overall wearable system and the groundbreaking dual array probe.  The system is now in production.

“I think the important thing is that a 3 to 5-pound machine can provide probably 95 percent of the performance of a hospital-based piece of equipment.”

~ Dr. Chris Merritt, a radiology professor at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia on ABC news.

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Sonivate Medical develops and markets innovative ultrasound technology and participates in the worldwide $7 Billion market.  The company’s technology opens new markets for an ultrasound by extending its use especially with “ease of use and preference” for new users. Sonivate has been financially supported by grants from the US Department of Defense and private investors. Sonivate Medical’s goal is to solve clinical problems through the development of an innovative platform for ultrasound diagnostic imaging.