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Design for All, Universal Design

Founder, Chairman and Chief Editor of Design For All Institute of India, Dr. Sunil Kumar Bhatia recently invited Stephanie Battista, Senior Design Program Manager of Wearables at Modern Edge to…

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Wearable Computing Trend Report 2014

Wearable Computing Trend Report 2014, Horizon Watching, Emerging Business Issues, Trends and Technologies.  “New business processes, as wearables enter the workforce, we will find new ways to use these devices…

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Designing Innovation

Watch Ford and IDSA’s “Designing Innovation” Panel Discussion Featuring Eric Anderson, Charles Austen Angell, Ed Boyd and Kevin George A myriad of design topics have been covered in the past…

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Transforming Products Into Services

Modern Edge’s Austen Angell was asked to write an article for Appliance Design magazine. Here’s a bit of it: Effective medical design accounts not only for an appliance’s dedicated purpose,…

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