Salons and barber shops in the grooming industry represent one of the most fragmented market sectors in America with over 80% made up of single location businesses. Recognizing that this fragmentation was an opportunity for a franchise business model, a former Intel financial analyst set out to create a men’s oriented brand that would be scalable, definable, franchisable and unique.

Experience Flow

Modern Edge worked with Chopperz early on to identify the strategic target audience and employed ethnographic research to define the experience that would meaningfully connect with the community and inform the creation of all consumer touch-points. Analyzing usage maps across a variety of user scenarios Modern Edge is able to elaborate and enhance product considerations from a user perspective.  An exceptional user experience can be engineered by gaining better insight into the usage context.



The brand identity, environmental details, and a variety of marketing collaterals were created and produced in addition to direction for a revised website. The program also worked to define the ideal employee experience, resulting in half the turnover normally seen in the industry.


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